Our mission is to make unavailable data available, and independence is key in our case. We influence the purchasing decisions of people in more than 15 countries around the world, and we care about making those decisions the right ones. That's why our work and design is guided by clear values that help us deliver on our vision. Find out what guides our work and design and what is key to us.


1. With an eye for detail

When you're choosing a new phone or camera, what do you want to know? Probably not just the color or the price, but even the smallest details. The resolution, the type of focus or the size of the sensor. If you have to invest money in something, it has to be worth it. And that's what we're here for. We're interested in the details that others overlook. We pick the valuable information out of the data weeds and put them into an understandable context.

2. Independence

Despite the huge data base, we maintain complete independence and objectivity. We evaluate products purely on the basis of facts and available information. You can be sure that no one is trying to trap you into an advertising trap, which is sometimes easy to fall into. We find out, you decide freely.

3. Transparency

We are completely open about where and how we get our data. It's not taboo for us to show how our business model works and who pays for it all. We show who's behind the platform and don't play at being something we're not. Get to know our team.

4. Truthfulness

What is the most important thing when working with data? Accuracy and truthfulness. When you're collecting millions of data, there's no room for error. With the help of sophisticated algorithms and careful analysis, we aggregate only verified, true and relevant data.

5. Expertise

We don't drill into anything we don't understand ourselves. Our team consists of electronics enthusiasts who base their knowledge and recommendations not on theory, but on their own experience. On our blog, we only write about what we know well ourselves and pass on our know-how.

6. Passion

If we had to pick one word that describes our entire team, it's passion. We've all reached a point in our lives where we've stopped being willing to do things we don't enjoy and find fulfilling. Having a strong Why is very important in today's dynamic times. Sometimes you just need to put your maximum passion and a piece of yourself into what you enjoy every day and the Why will come. And what is ours?

Helping people make meaningful decisions.

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